Magic Extra 300L 46 ARF


The Modeltech Magic Extra!

This plane is Almost Ready to Fly (ARF)

Time To Step Up!

If you are like thousands of R/C aerobatic fliers who learned to fly "outside the box" with the Magic, you’re going to want to rock your world with the Magic Extra. It’s been modified from the Magic for optimal performance with a .46 two-stroke. We’ve reduced the wing area for better penetration on windy days, making it an overall faster plane. Its taller fuselage allows the Magic Extra to do more typically "Pattern" maneuvers better, such as knife edge maneuvers, and hesitation point rolls. Its new airframe design also gives better all-around tracking, for a more confidence inspiring performance. All this, and it still hovers like a friendly ghost! Like the Magic, the Magic Extra is an all wood ARF covered in real iron on film for easy repairs. 



More Information

Features include: aluminum landing gear mains; steerable tail wheel; clear canopy; complete hardware; pull-pull rudder; and detailed, photo illustrated instruction manual. 


  • Lenght Overall 49.5"
  • Wing Span: 49.5"
  • Wing Area: 700 sq. inches
  • Engine (2-str.): .40-.52 ci
  • Engine (4-str.): .52 ci .52-.61 ci
  • Flying weight: 4.5 lbs - 5.1 lbs
  • Flying loading: 15-17 oz/sq.ft.
  • Functions: Aileron / Elevator / Rudder / Throttle (A/E/R/T)
  • Radio (both): std. 4-channel with 5 servos