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Lazy Bee Classic ARF

The Clancy Lazy Bee Classic!

This plane is Almost Ready to Fly (ARF)

The Lazy Bee Classic ARF is the original 40-inch wingspan model featuring dihedral bent, round shaped wing tips, and using rudder and elevator control. For power, we include directions for both electric and glow engines. The Magnum XL-15 is the perfect engine for the Lazy Bee Classic ARF. For electric, we recommend the WattAge Super 400 Cobalt.


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  • Wingspan: 40 in.
  • Wing Area: 526 sq. in.
  • Length: 26 in.
  • Engine: .15 2-s, .20-.30 4-s
  • Motor: 035-075, super 400 Cobalt
  • Weight ready to fly: 28-40oz

From the beginning, Andy Clancy's goal has been to make modeling easier and more enjoyable. The Lazy Bee kits are the epitome of just how easy a kit plane can be built and then flown. Now, it is even easier! Clancy Aviation now offers full-fledged ARF versions of its two most popular designs: Yard Bee and the Lazy Bee Classic