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Rookie - Micro RTF R/C Plane

The Watt-Age Rookie Flying Wing RTF (Ready to Fly) is one of the best beginner RC planes we have ever flown. Great for parks and small fields. Extremely durable with 6 minute flight times. The Rookie has a wingspan of under 10 inches, and flies beautifully. What makes the Rookie so appealing for beginners is that it is both stable and responsive that the pilot really is flying the airplane, great figure 8's and circles will excite. The Watt-Age Engineers designed the Rookie for great RC success, positioning the propeller in the rear so that during rocky landings, ie crashes, the plane will survive better. From kids to adults, the Rookie is a superb plane that will give hours of fun. The Rookie includes airplane, radio, and flight battery, just add AA batteries, charge the included flight battery, and you are ready for great RC fun. With the Rookie, you will become a RC pro real soon.

Patent No. 7121506 B2


More Information

WattAge Micro Flyers are the hobby's hottest and most successful new trend in indoor and outdoor R/C flying fun! Now, hot on the heels of the most successful micro R/C plane of all times comes another revolutionary new idew, the Rookie micro flying wing! This little wing flies up to 6 minutes and weights only 6 ounces .With only a 9.4 inch wingspan and only 9.2 inches long it's small enough to fly practically anywhere! Includes an 2 channel radio and Li-Po battery. It even has the charger in the transmitter!

Patent No. 7121506 B2