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Micro Flyer Original R/C RTF Plane

Wattage introduces the world's smallest mass-produced radio controlled aircraft!  Its innovative design makes it great for beginners and hobbyists alike!  With a wing span of only 9 inches and an elliptically curved polyhedral and molded-in airfoil, this tiny plane has incredible maneuverability. The two-channel radio transmitter controls the rudder movement, throttle, and also doubles as a battery charger.

The Micro Flyer flies for over 6 minutes on a single charge, with the included 150 mAH LiPo battery. Fly this Micro Flyer indoors, outdoors anywhere you can think of. With a length of 8.2 inches and a weight of only about 1 ounce (29 grams) this amazing, real radio control aircraft will bring you hours of fun flying. There are only a few easy steps to get this Micro Flyer in the air and in your control. 6 AA batteries are needed for transmitter.


More Information


  • 9 inch wing span

  • 8.2 inch length

  • Weight 1 ounce (29 grams)


  • Quiet as a whisper

  • Fly almost anywhere

  • Transmitter doubles as a battery charger

  • Over 150 ft range

Patent No. 7121506 B2